S h a r o n   P h a n g

♥ a typical Cancer who care too much for the people around her
♥ bloodtype A 
♥ surrounded by Apple gadgets
♥ currently using Canon S95, Nikon D5100 and Sony NEX-5R for photography
♥ attention seeker
♥ can be cheeky or mature depends on situation
♥ born in Perak Malaysia but spent more than half of my life in Kedah
♥ SMK Ibrahim-->Intec UiTM-->KNCT-->Ibaraki University (F.O.E)
♥ loves baking
♥ loves Iron Man (too cool not to be loved)
♥ loves to mix and match
♥ in love with everything that allows me to be myself
♥ loves clean sheet
♥ loves RED (without me knowing it)
♥ MODE style x COMFY style x MY style 
♥ loves fine-dine but dislike the small portion of the dishes! 
♥ durian x tosai x nasi lemak x laksa x natto x ramen x mango x teh tarik x pancakes
♥ sweet tooth
♥ bribe me with waffle covered with honey syrup ; vanilla ice-cream as topping
♥ Taylor Swift x Jay Chou x Westlife x Ariana Grande x Miley Cyrus x Skylar Grey
♥ loves theme park ; Disneyland x Universal Studio
♥ facial product ; Sekkisei Kose x Biotherm x Laneige x Kiehl's x LancĂ´me x Kora x La Roche Posay
♥ Hello Kitty
♥ Autumn
♥ Travel
♥ Big fan of KUWTK, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars
♥ Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner
♥ Featured on VSCO , Map and Tripoto

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