Sakura viewing @ 上野恩賜公園 Ueno Park

It is spring already in and for the Japanese, it's the time for Sakura again!
Sakura blossomed slightly earlier than previous years and it's already mankai (full bloom) although it's only the 4th day of Spring!
YW and I missed the mankai season last year and the year before because we went back to Malaysia for spring vacation.
We were lucky to have stay in Japan this time because no one has predicted that Sakura will be blooming this early this year!
So we took the opportunity and visited Ueno Park in Tokyo yesterday to join the crowd for hanami (sakura-viewing) under the tree with foods! (something like picnic but they don't call it picnic)

This post will all be about sakura and photos!
Do click on the photos for gallery viewing! (only available on PC)

Sakura trees lined up in rows

Two TV broadcasters were spotted at the garden


Tourist shot

Couples, friends, buddies, lovebirds etc just placed their mat and spend the whole afternoon chit-chatting and singing while enjoying the beautiful view around....
Weather was superb yesterday with around 15℃ so it was just the nice temperature for outdoor activities.



Mentaiko Carbonara Spaghetti is love! 


Sakura tree and temple


Sakura tree



Pink Sakura

 I have no idea what flower is this but I was amazed by its almost symmetric shape!

Combination of white and pink sakuras

Sakura and city view

like a piece of drawing.. look so surreal


All in one | sakura, Sky Tree, City View

That's all for this time!
Not sure if I'm going for the next sakura-viewing in the next few days but hope you like the photos I took here!
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All photos were taken using Sony Nex-5R with ZERO edit


  1. omg so pretty!!!!!! you make me want to go Japan so badly lahhh :(

  2. Very pretty! And I like your hair colour & hair style!!

  3. the whole scene looks like you're in a movie. it will be a dream comes true if I can personally view it myself. freaking damn gorgeous la.!!!

  4. really?? thanks MeiTzeu!! =) but i'm thinking to make it darker before the new semester! XD

  5. The scene was breathtaking! Do come and visit it next time! =)

  6. So pretty!! It makes me want to go Japan so badly :'(

  7. do come! Japan is a very beautiful country in any season! =)

  8. OMGG. Japan!!! So pretty i can dieeeeeeeee.

  9. woooaaahh.. pretty sakura eh.. ❤ ❤