Sakura Viewing @ 千鳥ケ淵 Chidoriga Fuchi

For those of you who are following my Instagram, I am sure that you already found out that my friend, Chenelle has been visiting Japan 2 weeks ago. As their friend,  it's my duty to bring them (and her boyfriend too!) for sakura viewing on their very first day in Japan :)


We brought them to one of the most famous sakura viewing spot at Chidoriga fuchi (千鳥ケ淵). 
Believe it or not, it was my first time here too! Compared to Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park or Shinjuku Gyoen, I think the crowds here are still under control because there is no space for visitors to sit and picnic. 


And thus this place is less popular for tourists. Maybe the name of the place sounds unfamiliar to most of you, but I think you might have see the picture below somewhere. 


Believe it or not it took me a while to get a perfect view of pic #3 because everyone is trying their best to snap that perfect view on the golden spot. How I wish I can grow taller by 10cm.  #hardfact




Any Nicole Warne fans here? (ME!!) For those of you who have no idea who is she, she's a famous Australian fashion blogger which I adore A LOT. Guess what, she was here in Japan as well 2 weeks ago at the exact same spot! I shrieked a little when I saw this picture while I was on the train. 

I tried to look at the passersby around me for the next few days while Nicole was still in Tokyo, hoping that I might bump into her somewhere if I am lucky. But to my disappointment, I didn't even saw anyone with a shadow like hers.

And a few days later, I totally screamed when I saw her post below.

You might think that I overreact but my eyes were filled with tears of happiness when I read it.
Everything is so beautiful and I am so truly happy for both of them.
I am not so sure where her fiancé proposed to her but there is a high possibility that it might be Chidoriga fuchi.

Back to my post.

Luckily the weather was well behaved and we managed to walk around without having to take umbrella or to bear the strong cold wind. Although we missed the full bloom of the cherry blossoms, we were considered lucky to see the remaining petals that were still holding strong to their stem.




This is our only group photo without any photo-bombers that day. It was such a fun day out with them. Or maybe we should called it "double date" :) 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 


I think I am eligible for the casting of the movie "there will be a better tomorrow". haha.



I can't decide which sakura-viewing spot I like the most, because each place has their own unique and beautiful sides. Perhaps you can tell me which one you like the best?
Hope you like this new sakura-viewing place and may it become one of your option when you are in Japan during this season for the following years :)