A quick update

I am so surprised with the way I am living right now. Who would have thought that I am able to wake up naturally before 7am after all these years of being famous for 赖床鬼 for so long. Truth to be told, I had trouble getting up before 10am but nowadays I wake up around 6.30am even before my alarm clock rings. Thanks to the disciplinary life I had for the past few weeks, I think my biological clock is functioning like how it used to be when I was in high school. 

For those of you who have no idea what am I doing right now, well, I have officially started to work from the 1st of April. Since then, it was trainee life everyday from sunrise until sunset. I was so mentally drained for the continuous training and even got food poisoning from the food they provided. But luckily it ended two days ago and I am now recovering slowly. 

The things I miss a lot for the past few weeks are 

  1. The time with YW.
  2. The video calls with my family.
  3. The time with my friends.  
  4. The time for social media. 

Even for only 2 weeks, I already started to realise that the time we have has all been sold to our company and employer. I can't reply my text messages instantly when someone needs me, and I also can't attend gatherings with friends whenever I want. And the most crucial part is, I can't even skip going to work when there is heavy rain. T___T

I had been occasionally missing out from the social media platforms since the past few months, however, after starting my life as an employee, I started to realise that it's almost impossible to maintain my social media content and work stuff at once. And to be good at it on both sides takes great effort and time. I really enjoy updating and posting stuffs on social media platforms but sometimes I wonder is it practical to continue posting personal stuffs online even when your colleagues are following you? I don't want to stop writing or to lose my passions to factors like time and people. 

Maybe it's just me finding excuse for myself. Or me being a paranoid, I have no idea. 
Thanks to YW for reminding me my passion for social media. He was the one who asked me to update my blog post. So here is it. haha. 

Honestly, I don't even know how long I can endure life as an employee in this society where 12-hours workday are common and customers are not only "always right" but also being in a higher ground than you. Will I grow up and stop all making a fuss about it soon? I don't know. And to all those who have been working for decades of their life, how did you manage to do it? I really respect everyone of you for that, especially my parents who have been working for more that 30 years. 

Now I know why people say that student life is golden life. 
I really hope that I will learn to enjoy my job and make the most out of it. 
Any advice and encouragement is greatly appreciated.  



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