So I'm a year older now...

I hardly realised that I have not update my blog for almost 3 months! Just a quick update that I have turned a year older few weeks ago. Hopefully I have become a year wiser and I hope that this new age will allows more opportunities for me to experience new things and meet new people!

Thank you for all the messages, wishes and presents! Oh ya, and the surprises too!
I felt so lucky that I got not only one, but 2 surprise parties with list of guests that I didn't know would attend.
I truly felt loved and appreciate everyone for spending their precious time to attend, because I know it's so hard to gather everyone in one place nowadays due to work and us living in different prefectures.

At last I'm finally free enough to sit down and open the presents one by one today (yes, only after so long haha!). The notes you guys written were so touchy (sobs), I will keep them well and reread them on my 50th birthday XD

Hey you, Thanks for the sunflower :) Forgotten to tell you that it was my first time receiving flowers on my birthday. Love it lots but too bad I couldn't keep it forever because it wilted too soon. 

And you, thanks for the cheese and chocolate dessert! It tastes awesome!

And you two for the green body massage. You two know best what a working people need most XD

Thank you three, for the cutest Duffy and ShellieMay! Another awesome edition being added into my collection!

You two! How can the both of you got me presents from the same stores in such coincidence? XD
I am gonna use it well and gosh, I love the scent so much!

And you! Thanks for the A2 Care! I will spray it everywhere other than my mouth, although I know that it's totally safe to do so. XD

Also thank you guys for the HUGE birthday card with so many pictures that holds so many beautiful memories of us together! Although we just knew each other for a few months,  but I am sure our friendships are true and I look forward to know you guys more and more each day. 

Last but not the least, you. Thank you for the black paper bag and everything else around :) 

♡ Spread love and I love each and everyone of you who make my life beautiful 



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