Movies movies!

Watched this last Thursday just after my exam..
Yes yes.. Another movie marathon.. It was awesome.. After exam, no pressure, no rush.. Just movies =)
I got to watched Nightmare on  Elm Street and Prince of Persia.. 

I watched this movie first.. I almost got fainted inside the cinema.. The main reason that this movie makes people feel the creeps is because of the 
  1. sound effect and the screaming of the actors.. @_@
  2.  the scenes which are always dark and eerie...
  3.  the way all the people died in this movie.. Oouch.. It hurts.. *haha*

And the death of the movie is won by KRIS FOWLES (Katie Cassidy)! 
She died in a really brutal way. While she were sleeping she manage to float and knocked herself over the ceiling and walls over and over again.. At last her body got burst in the middle of the air and the blood splashed everywhere.. I got so freaked up at that moment although I knew that it was just a movie.. 0.O
And I got so interested in the Volkswagen that Kris drives in the movie.. The car is so cute!  

 Who wouldn't want this in front of their house? Oh my... I would love to have one =)
Haha.. Birthday wish list.. Take note guys *laughs*

Yes yes, I've watched Prince of Persia as well.. Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely handsome!
Take a peek of the picture below =)

Aww.... So hot...
Basically, if you like Pirates of the Caribbean then you must love this..
Full with actions, handsomes, pretties, and uglies as well XD
I have no words to describe this movie.. Better watch it at the cinema to know further =)
Worth you ticket price I can say =)


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