Disneysea with JAPNH

I am finally back to Disneysea for my second visit =)
I was there for my birthday 2 years ago while this time, it was Povy's turn to celebrate hers at this one and only Disney sea-theme park in the world.

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To go to Disneysea, we took another ride on the Disney Resort Line, (a Mickey monorail) after getting off JR Maihama Station.  

Sneak peak of the interior of the monorail

The birthday girl

Actually we went to the park one day before her actual birthday because the weather forecast predicted that it will rain on the next day. But that still did not weaken the birthday girl's spirit from enjoying the day!


Povy tried taking smug face photo and send to the group message to urge the others to come faster.  We were there late noon because we decided to visit Disneysea a the very last minute after we found out that the weather will be bad for the following days. Which is quite unfortunate because on the following day, Disneysea will redecorate everything for Easter and there will be eggs everywhere!


While waiting for the others to arrive, we visited the shops and discover the new seasonal Disney souvenirs. 

Wish I can bring all of them homeee!

Povy loves the chipmunk A LOT. She said that she look a lot like them, which I think is funny XD.
She said that she once bought the Chip's head gear so she wanted to see if there is any Dale's so that she can make them a set. Birthday girl was lucky because she actually found the last item on the rack before it ran out!  
Victory peace x

Performance at the entrance to Mediterranean Harbor

As usual, Disneysea is packed with visitors. By packed, I mean......look below.


Due to it was still spring holiday at that moment, it made us nearly impossible to take any ride at all if we have no patience. Most of the rides need queueing up to 130 minutes and if we spent our time queuing, we will miss out the chance to tour around the park before the sun sets.

Flower with two tiny bears! So fluffy


We waited for so long until Flower agreed to take photo with the girls because usually the mascots only entertain the kids and ignore the adults ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Take a short break

Mermaid Lagoon
One of my favourite attraction in Disneysea is Mermaid Lagoon. I don't think I will ever get bored with this place because it is soooo beautiful! Seeing the vivid colours and fun sculptures made not only the kids happy but the adults to forget all their worries for a day.ハート のデコメ絵文字


Upon the entrance, we were wondering why  the crowds were standing around looking at the wall. Until a kid pointed his finger at the Mickey mosaic and all of us went "OHHHHHH!" hahahaha. Rumour has it that there are numerous hidden Mickey around the park and it is up to the visitor to find them by luck. But believe it or not, it is usually discover by the kids, not the adults.



I am still not getting sick of these view. It made me so excited every time I "dive into" the sea kingdom.  Love this sea theme a lot. We caught the performance at Mermaid Lagoon theater, story of how much Ariel longs to become a human but lastly decided that it is the best to be who she really is, a mermaid.  The show was performed in Cirque du Soleil-style aerial acrobatic which is exhilarating. 

From another point of view


photo from oneveryonelips.blogspot.com

Mickey platter


 We had little snack after the performance and both of us shared the Mickey platter ミッキーマウス の画像


The lovey dovey couple

My second most favorite spot in Disneysea is the Arabian Coast. It really makes people feel like they have reach the middle east with these Arabian theme building and decorations. There is even Genie at the middle of the garden!


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We watched another 3D performance at the Magic Lamp Theater about how Asim releases Genie from the evil and wicked magician Shaban. 

Lighted up Columbia

That pretty much sums up how we spent our day in Disneysea. All of us have wanted to come back because we did not took any rides due to crazy queues and chilly weather. Not to mention that we missed the night performance too because the wind and temperature were not behaving at all. So we took a group photo before we left infront of the well-known globe =)


Hope you enjoy the post!
And have a nice weekend.