10 Things (17/7)

July has been good to me so far.
Many good things has happened and I could not be more grateful for all the blessings.

image from Pinterest

 First of all, of course, would be my birthday.
Although I couldn't get my friends to celebrate with me like last year because it "unstrategically" fell on crucial Monday, I had a quiet and contented celebration with my boyfriend. He's not usually good in giving surprise because I always figure out his plan! But this time, he managed to surprise me with a birthday gift I have not thought of, but happy to receive.

A reply from Datin Paduka Marina

Secondly, I am happy to be one of the few who manage to attend the dinner with Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir (daughter of Tun Mohathir Mohamad, Malaysia's 4th Prime Minister) on the 11th of July. I used to read bi-weekly column in The Star Newspaper and it is such an honour to meet her in real person. She is a very good and persuasive speaker, at the same time a very friendly and humble person. She did her very best in answering every questions pointed towards her during the Q&A session in as much detail as she can with a smile on her face. 


To my surprise, Tun Mohathir Mohamad saw my tweet and favorited it as well! hahaha.. 



I have been joining the VSCO community for quite some time and it is undeniable that I love it very much. Everyone in the community is trying to produce beautiful pictures to share them on the internet. I always love the images chosen by the curators and I must say that the curators are doing their job really well in browsing tons of images daily but only choose a few to be feature on the Grid. 
A few days ago, maybe my birthday charm did kicked in, I received an email from VSCO telling me that my photo was chosen to be feature on the Grid! I could not believe myself until I see the image on the Grid myself. You can see it too by browsing HERE. But because it is updated daily, my images might have been shifted. You can see my name on image #5 though :)


Because of the feature on the Grid, some people who love the image did asked me to share it on Tumblr and Pinterest as well. And  @readfameless from Instagram feature this image on their Instagram account AND their Twitter account too! I am really happy for all this opportunities and exposure and I will try harder in taking better shots in the future until chances come by.


I do not know if any of you already know this, but I was so delighted when I realised my browser was different from others on my birthday! Apparently everyone will get a birthday Google Doodle on their birthday if they are signed into their Google account. I really love Google Doodle A LOT. I even follow up the FIFA World Cup Google Doodle everyday for new designs and animations! If you are interested in looking back the doodles, you can visit THIS page :)


It has been a while since we both take purikuras together. We took a train from Ebisu to Shibuya just to take our purikura before heading back home. This was taken from the latest puri machine and I must say that the photo look really nice! However only 5 shots were taken per session!! *takaii takaiiii!!!!* 


Image from Google

This should have been out of my concern but I was so happy when Germany won the 2014 FIFA World Cup! I have been supporting Germany ever since my first World Cup match back in 2002 FIFA where it was held in Korea & Japan then. I cannot remember clearly why I supported Germany but I have not divert from it ever since. I am so happy especially when the Germans won the game on the morning of my birthday! Maybe my birthday charm did kicked them a little as well? I am surprise to see Miroslav Klose (my favorite player back then) in the team because no other teammates from the 2002 FIFA is left but him. I am sure he is glad that he made it this far for this glorious moment. All his efforts paid off lavishly.

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Last but not the least, I am going home for Chinese New Year next year after 4 years of not being able to celebrate it! I hardly remember my last CNY moments, when I was only 18. Hopefully I will not feel awkward having to meet so many relatives at one time and getting asked with typical questions which I don't know how to answer or avoid. There are also some new family members that I have yet meet and I am excited to see my nieces and nephews who have no idea that I exist yet XD

Last but not the least, hope you enjoy the post and have a great weekend!