Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Among the list of places and activities that we did in Turkey, this was the one I look forward most. The Hot Air Balloon ride. I have never been on a hot air balloon before. Riding it for the very first time in this very beautiful land of Cappadocia is more than I can ever ask for. Do you know that Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia is listed in almost all the bucket list you can find on the web?


We woke up pretty early on the day of the adventure. Staff from the hot air balloon company pick us up in a mini van to their company building for a simple pastry breakfast and safety briefing. We were brought for another short ride out to the launch site later on.

Safety guide

I still remember clearly that day was extremely cold with temperature of minus degree celsius.  I cannot feel my toes even though I have my UGG boots on. Can you imagine the how terribly cold it was? Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the sun rise due to the cold and misty weather.

Staffs getting ready of the balloon

Giant fans roar and fill the balloon with hot air

Setting the hot air balloon upright

Unbearable coldness

Last photo taken before takeoff

Do you know that there were other people along us in the hot air balloon ride? Not 8, not 12, but 20 people in a basket! Isn't science amazing? Who would have thought that hot air can lift such heavy thing into the air? I was so nervous when the hot air balloon started to rose above the ground. I was reluctant to let go the handler of the basket until I decided that I have to take some photos with my camera or else I would forgotten this beautiful view someday.

Up in the air




Bird view

None of the flights are identical with another as the balloons follow the course of the wind.


Fertile valley

From where I stand

Cappadocia covered in snow


Slide collision between the balloons


Trying to catch the balloons from flying away!

Our pilot, Mr Güner


Taking hot air balloon during winter is a brand new experience to us. Although the view might not be as beautiful as summer's, we feel contented to see the snowy white Cappadocia. The land looks beautiful too even though it is covered in snow.


The weather turns bad at the end of our 90 minutes ride and strong wind starting to blow our balloons away from the route we were suppose to land. The ground crew had to chase our hot air balloon and find another suitable spot for landing.


The pilot lowered the hot air balloon to the ground slowly to allow the ground staffs (around 10 of them) to catch hold of the basket so that it can touchdown the ground by adding more weight to the basket. However,  the wind was so much stronger than the force (body weight x gravity) of us trying to hold the basket upright which caused this to happen.....


Yeap, we landed in this condition, with the basket falling sideway. Everything happened so fast that I had no idea what actually happened. Come to think of it, it was a narrow escape. What if the basket fall upside down? I would not want to imagine that. Luckily there were no serious injuries.

Happy girl landed safely

The staffs throw us a small ceremony with champagne after the landing, which according to them is a tradition started by the Mongolfier brothers who piloted the first hot air balloon flight in 1783.


Last but not the least, a photo of Mr Güner, the pilot and me holding my flight certificate with my name on it! *feeling proud*

Hot Air Balloon ride 

I have definitely enjoyed the ride and I am happy to have checked off the hot air balloon from my bucket list!
I am glad that I took the chance to ride on the hot air balloon although it cost a hole in a pocket for a 90 minutes ride. However, keeping in mind that it might be the very first and last chance of riding it and being able to see the breathtaking view with my own eyes made every penny worth it.
How about you? Would you like to ride on a hot air balloon too?
Hope you enjoy the post!

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  1. OMG it's always on my bucket list too! How much is it ah? :P

    1. I think it's different depending on the season.
      Mine was 165 Euro though :)

  2. wow! beautiful! i wish i can try it someday! :D